AAT Droid Tank


Model by Ian R.

Box Stock (Accurized)

AMT/Ertl kit 30123 Armored Assault Tank [AAT], aluminum tubing, brass tubing, Evergreen styrene

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/32
Length = 31.7 cm
Width = 25.3 cm
Height = 15.5 cm

"The Phantom Menace" introduced Star Wars fans to a huge variety of new vehicles and starships. The new Trade Federation Tank quickly became one of my favorites. I was very excited when I first saw the kit on Hobby store shelves and quickly picked one up. I was even more excited when I saw its size.
The kit went together fairly easily. The main joint between the upper and lower hulls took some time to fill and sand to a proper finish but well worth the effort.

I decided to replace all the gun and blaster 
barrels with aluminum and brass tubing (I just hate oval barrels).

Colors used on the model include: Radome Tan, Military Brown, Field Drab, Dark Tan, Wood, and Silver.
The whole model was primed to check for flaws then painted silver as a base coat. I painted the model by using the instructions as reference and using several photos I had as the basis for mine. All rails and handholds were painted separately and added after.

I used masking tape to remove small chips of paint to give it a really used look. A little dry brushing here and there and a coat of Clear Flat.
The small rectangular vent or grill at the back was cut out and replaced with Evergreen Clapboard Styrene I had on hand.

 I also added thin styrene cut to shape to fill a very noticeable flaw at the front of the upper hull.

Photos by Stephen L.