Rodger Young 176

Model by Ian R.



Sheet styrene, wood, Plexiglas

 Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/166
Length = 200 cm
Width = 52 cm
Height = 41 cm

Scratchbuilding the Rodger Young was always an ambition of mine for quite some time. I didn't just want a average size model, I wanted something big.

A few years back I was able to get scale drawings of the ship on STARSHIPBUILDERS website. Being kind of lazy, I decided to be a bit unusual and rather than work from a full size drawing, I opted to just use printed drawings from the site and multiply all measurements by five. Some changes would be made but they served as the basis for the construction. Reference material consists of the Starship Troopers DVD, two issues of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeler, Cinefex and the Official Starship Troopers Collectors Magazine.
Being just a few inches short of seven feet, my main concern was making sure the model wouldn't break in half due to its weight (as of Fall 2002, it weighs approx. 25 lbs).

I ended up starting with a 10 foot 2x4, cut roughly in half, overlapped the two ends by about three feet, then attached them together. I had to overlap due to the side profile of the ship
Once this was done, I started with its flight deck and the nose section (This area took about two months to work out and gave me several headaches in the process). Most of the larger assemblies were attached directly onto the sub-structure.
The engine struts or pylons are made out of Plexiglas, cut to shape, and then covered in styrene. The bulk of the four engines are complete except for surface detail.

This project started in May, 2001 and has progressed slowly at times but still moves forward. It may take a couple of years before it is finished but I look forward to having a glass case made and displaying it as my livingroom coffee table

Photos by Stephen L. & Ian R.