Republic Gunship LAAT/i

Model by Ian R.



Sheet styrene, wood, acrylic spheres

 Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/24
Length = 72.5 cm
Width = 70.8 cm
Height = 25.4 cm


The Republic Gunship proved itself as being a versatile weapons platform in the opening battle of the Clone Wars. Carrying a lethal arsenal of weapons, it quickly dispensed with any opposition it faced.

I fell in love with this design from the first moment I saw it. So I quickly realized that building one was inevitable. I originally had plans for a 1/35 scale gunship but most members in our group had 1/24 scale models from the original trilogy already built, so I quickly decided to change to 1/24.

I am going to vaccuform the main hull. Plugs were made by attaching pine boards cut to proper profile. This gave me the rough shape of the upper and lower hull. the lower hull will be cut in half down the center to give me left and right halves.                   


      The wings started out as Plexiglas sheet cut to shape, then covered in Styrene. Panel lines were scribed in using whatever reference material I could find. (The bottom of the wing is pictured.)

Holes were cut from the lower portion of the wing to accept the turret spheres. The acrylic spheres were bought at a craft store.


Stephen L. printed out a set of Clone Trooper pictures at 1/24 scale (approx. 3 inches in height) for reference to the Gunship model. Clone Trooper model figures are going to be sculpted from putty. They will be molded in rubber and cast in resin. (Probably around eight or so, including pilot variants).

I will have four or 5 copies vaccuformed for maybe other gunships in the future. Maybe even a AT-TE Walker Carrier. I'll have to scratchbuild one of these too I guess...


Photos by Stephen L.