The "Betty" Cargo Ship


Model by Ian R.



Sheet styrene, various kit pieces

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/72
Length =  73 cm
Width =  40 cm
Height =  78 cm

Probably the most interesting piece from Alien Resurrection, the Betty is first seen roaring overhead towards the Auriga with top secret cargo.

My first impressions of the ship was that it kind of looked like a scorpion and I always like lots of moving parts on a ship.

I was able to use the drawings that were included in an issue of "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models" magazine. Some modifications would be made, especially to the cockpit area. The rest would be pretty much according to the drawings. 
I decided to build the model so I would be able to pose the engines up or down and rotate as well. The model would be divided in sub-assemblies and then attached to the main body after painting and finishing.

The tail was made mostly out of styrene. The model was then entirely detailed with styrene sheet of various thickness, pressure sensitive vinyl for smoother panels, lots of Plastruct bits and pieces, and various kit parts.
I started with Plexiglas for the forward fuselage, extra strength would be needed to support both pairs of engine booms and pods.  Both these units were built with sheet styrene. 

A bolt was epoxied to each pod and the corresponding nut to each boom allowing engine rotation and this also made it easier to carry to shows if it could be partially disassembled.
 The wings were carved out of two sheets of heavy styrene cut to shape, then attached via two pins to the secondary engines.

The main engine nozzles are actually shrouds for electrical wire.
The intake cone started out as a kitchen funnel cut to length and dressed accordingly was also screwed onto the fuselage. The cockpit area or cabin was constructed from sheet styrene and clear acrylic sheet for windows. This was trimmed to fit snuggly underneath the intake cone and then cemented in place.
The base coat was pretty much a mix of Yellow and Light Brown. The tiger pattern was masked and painted Medium Brown.

The model was then weathered with the airbrush. Panel lines were drawn with a fine felt tip pen following the reference material I had. The entire model was given a couple coats of Clear Flat.

Once dry, all sub-assemblies were then attached to the fuselage
The cargo bay area was dressed with four cargo doors per side. The whole unit was built out of styrene and screwed to the ship's body.

Photos by Stephen L.