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For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by modeling. Since my first model kit when I was about 5 or 6, I've always been trying to build something. As a young boy, I was building Star Wars vessels from cardboard and masking tape. As the years went by, I was beginning to try my hand at full size weapons out of wood and steel and hand carved aircraft.

I first decided to try scratchbuilding in 1995 after seeing an article in a modeling magazine and I've been hooked ever since. Most of my models are from scratch and some have taken me up to almost two years to build, but I always like to squeeze a kit or two in between projects.

As you will see, I am a huge fan of the Alien series, Aliens is still my favorite movie of all time. My other science fiction subjects are Star Wars, Star Trek, Starship Troopers and anything that has cool looking hardware and vehicles. I also enjoy modeling military helicopters.

I spend most of my day at work as a mild mannered screenprinter. I had gotten a job as an artist after two semesters at film school and decided to stay on for a while. That was fourteen years ago. I have been able to do some custom decals for my models via screenprinting and certain computer programs.






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