U.S.S. Petitcodiac NCC-73081 Danube Class Runabout


Model by Eugene T.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8741 (Runabout Rio Grande)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/72
Length = 32 cm
Width = 19 cm
Height = 9.7 cm

The runabouts, as seen on 'Deep Space Nine' and 'The Next Generation', were built to operate independently as their own little starships.

Stationed at DS9, they give the station short range research capabilities and tactical support. All Runabouts are named after Earth's great rivers like the Rio Grande
Following that tradition, I've named mine the Petitcodiac (after a major river in my hometown) with an appropriate registry NCC-73081.

The model was painted with acrylics. For the hull color I went with Quaker Gray, and a Morning Mist Gray to show the hull plating in various areas of the ship
For the overhead sensor module, I used Christmas Reds, Yellows, Blacks and April Showers Gray to add color to the normally gray coloring on Star Trek.

The warp nacelles were done with  Copenhagen Blue mixed with Navy to make them darker than my USS Enterprise-E model
For the cockpit, I used Lichen Gray and the windows were just painted Flat Black.

The decals were self adhesive labels designed and printed by MSFM's Stephen L.

Photos by Stephen L.