Jupiter 2 (J2) 41701 Hyperdrive Vehicle


Model by Eugene T.


Box Stock

AMT/Ertl kit 8459 (Jupiter 2)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/288
Length = 30.5 cm
Width = 18.8 cm
Height = 8.2 cm

The Jupiter 2 from the movie 'Lost in Space' was supposed to be an almost completely automated ship that was going to take the Robinson family to the distant planet Alpha Prime. During the voyage, Dr. Smith sabotages the ship and the ship is pulled off course towards Earth's Sun. 
This model is based on the ship's appearance after being thrown through hyperspace through the sun. For the hull, I started with Rhino Gray, Copper, and Christmas Red with a Green running light. then I used Burnt Umber and Black for the charred sections of the hull.

[Webmaster's Note: The scale specs and registry number for the Jupiter 2 are from the Official Lost In Space Blueprint.]
My favorite part of the model is the engines where I used Rust, Rhino Gray, Burnt Umber and Black for the engines. For the drives I used Bright White.

 Photos by Stephen L.