Eugene Taylor


I've only just lately gotten into scale modeling but have been a fan of sci-fi since 1991. My first model was the Jupiter 2 from the 'Lost in Space' movie, but it was the Enterprise-E from Star Trek: First Contact that really got me into it. Since then I have been working on Star Wars models and have also expanded into Gundam Wing and Robotech models.

I am also into miniatures and have over 150 Battletech figures,
almost all of which have been built and hand-painted. When I'm not working with mechs or starships, I'm a graphic designer and computer animator. I am familiar with PhotoShop and the other Adobe graphics products, as well as Adobe Premiere for video editing.


Star Trek

USS Enterprise-D U.S.S. Enterprise-E U.S.S. Petitcodiac

Star Wars

Battle for Hoth (Diorama)    




 Lost In Space
Jupiter 2    
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