Y-Wing Fighter


Model by Dave A.



Sheet styrene, various kit parts, vaccuformed parts, custom resin cast pieces, and many plastic odds and ends

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/24
Length = 68.2 cm
Width = 35.6 cm
Height = 9.6 cm

This Y-Wing Fighter was built for the 20th anniversary of Star Wars. Along with myself, the Maritime Science Fiction Modelers built a number of Star Wars ships for a theater display, most of which were also in 1/24th scale.
This is a 1/24 scale Y-Wing model with lights in the main engines and in the nose guns.

I was able to  use many of the same parts that were used on the movie model, which was also built at the same scale. The main engine cylinders are vaccuforms of the first stage of a 1/144 Revell-Monogram Saturn V rocket kit
Fiber-optics were placed in the cockpit to light the instrumentation.

Also, the cockpit of the Y-Wing itself was a modified cockpit from the seaQuest 'Stinger' kit which worked very well
. The Rebel pilot is a modification of the 'Stinger' driver.

The R2 droid was a resin cast I made from a metal keychain, coincidentally already in 1/24th!

Photos by Dave A.