Colonial Viper Starhound Class Probe Craft

Model by Dave A.



Sheet Styrene, Bass wood [master], PVC Pipe, clear acrylic, various kit parts

 Model Specifications: Viper
Scale = 1/12
Length = 71.1 cm
Width = 35.6 cm
Height = 30.5 cm

This my scratchbuilt Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica. She is 28" long, 12" high, and has a wingspan of 14".

The main body and intakes were made by carving them out of bass wood and then vaccuforming them in styrene. The rest of the ship is made from sheet styrene and PVC pipe.
I used TV footage and 1979 blueprints as a guide for construction of the model. The cockpit of the Viper is an F-16 cockpit with some small changes.
For the overall weathering, I used pastel chalks and matches for laser blasts.

After these pictures were taken I added a more detailed canopy
This photograph was taken in a rock quarry. The small rocks gives an appropriate sense of scale to the Viper.

My Viper was in the May '97 issue of Fine Scale Modeler magazine and this was the first picture in the Reader Gallery of that issue

Photos by Dave A. and John T.