"Twenty Thousand Leagues
Under the Sea"


Jules Verne's Nautilus


Model by Dave A.



Balsa wood, sheet plastic, resin, metal pins

 Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/48
Length = 109.2 cm
Width = 17.8 cm
Height = 33.0 cm

The Nautilus is a 1/350th scale model built from balsa wood, plastic and resin. She's 43" long, 7" wide, and stands 13" high.

The bridge is lit and detailed inside. This model was already started when I received it from a former employer of mine. Then, a few years ago, another friend asked me to finish building for him. After building the rudder, the 'teeth', and other small details came the mother of all jobs—doing the rivets...

[Webmaster's note: The Nautilus was on a model stand so some of the model was cropped out at the very bottom.]
I started by drilling all the rivet holes in the proper places and then cut pin heads and glued them into place. Well, I'll never do that again! It took forever! There are approximately 3500–4500 pin heads on the model. Once that was done the rest was a piece of cake. I started with a Black Primer then sprayed a main coat of testers Rust with a few drop of Orange added to it.

I finished off by drybrushing rust stains with the base Rust color. The two big dome windows are Christmas tree balls from a craft store and the light around them are stick on plastic diamonds. I hope you like it, thanks

Photos by Dave A.