Darth Vader (Luke Deception)


Model by Dave A.


Kit Bash

AMT kit 8784 (Darth Vader), AMT kit 8783 (Luke Skywalker)

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/6
Length = 
Width = 
Height = 

This is the AMT 1/6 scale vinyl kit of Darth Vader. I didn't just want to build a Darth Vader kit, so I did the man behind the mask. The face behind the Vader mask is half of Luke Skywalker's face from another AMT vinyl model kit. 
I got a few of these kits cheap. Once I cut out the hole in the Vader mask and placed Luke's behind it, that only left painting. Painting was pretty basic. I used different  Tamiya finishes and colors as needed. I took it to one model show so far and it won second place...and that was only because my Rancor kit took first...

Photos by Dave A.