Imperial Shuttle Tyderium

Model by Dave A.



Sheet styrene

 Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/32
Length =  57.8 cm
Width = 100 cm (flight), 44.5 cm (docked)
Height = 111 cm (flight), 71.8 cm (docked)


I've always loved Vader's Shuttle, so a couple of years ago I started plans to build it.

I never got around to buying one of the kits. After looking around for plans I came across this site:        


      I soon found out that there were three plans/sets and all were different, with tons of photos, and again, all were slightly different. So once I decided on a set of plans to go with, I began to build. I chose the CYGNUS plan set.

What scale? Well I like to build big, so this model is built in 1/32 scale. The finished height from bottom to top is approx. 44 1/2 close to 4ft tall. Just the dorsal fin is 21 1/2 inches tall.


I'm building the model as close to the filming model as possible. I know this will kill some people, but that means no lights and no cockpit.


The wings do move, so it can be displayed in either flight mode or in landed mode. The main material is styrene in sizes from .020" to .040" I think.

I'll update you as the work go on...


The mostly complete assembly in docked mode.


Photos by Dave A.