U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Galaxy Class Starship [Future Version]


Model by Dave A.



AMT/Ertl kit 6619, sheet styrene, other kit parts

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/1400
Length = 46.1 cm
Width = 34 cm
Height = 13.3 cm

This is the 3-nacelled USS Enterprise as seen in the Next Generation's series finale, "All Good Things..."

I started out with the AMT Enterprise-D kit, then scratchbuilt the third (central) pylon, mega-phaser and other add-ons. I then sold parts from another kit for the third engine.
I used Future floor wax and hand-painted all the glossy Aztec pattern panels, which took about a week for the whole ship.
For the hull color, I used Model Master French Light Blue Gray.

Construction of the model was  easy to do, the only tough spot was the mega phaser under the saucer; getting the right angle to match the hull was the tricky part.
The commissioning plaque for the Enterprise-D.

Photos by Dave A., artwork by Stephen L.