Model by Bill E.


Box Stock

Revell kit 6722 (Batboat), Evergreen sheet styrene, aftermarket racing decals

Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/25
Length = 34.7 cm
Width = 7.8 cm
Height = 8.6 cm

This rendition of the Batboat comes from the movie "Batman Forever".

I was in a slump when I decided to build the Batboat; the idea was to build something quickly to get myself motivated back into building. While the Batboat is complete, the project is not finished. I plan to feature the Batboat in a diorama (which I am not revealing here) sometime in the future
The Batboat is built out of the box except for cockpit. The cockpit's side panel details were soft so I sanded them off and built up new details with plastic styrene strip stock and stretched sprue.

The instrument bezels were carefully sliced from the chromed instrument cluster and the backs sanded flat. The instrument cluster was sanded smooth and painted black. Decal instrument faces from an aftermarket racing decal sheet were applied to the instrument cluster and once dried, the bezels were re-installed over the instrument faces with Micro Krystal Klear. 

The rest of the cockpit and the Batboat were built in accordance with the directions.
The cockpit was painted Semi-Gloss Black and dry brushed with Flat Aluminum. The various screens on the cockpit's rebuilt side panels were first painted with Flat Aluminum and then painted with clear colored paint. Switches and buttons were painted with various colors. I could not resist outlining the bat symbol on the steering wheel. For this, Insignia Yellow was painted in the recess around the bat symbol and then the bat symbol was drybrushed with Semi-Gloss Black.

Three coats of Clear Blue directly over the chrome finish of the underdeck panels (engine inserts) of the Batboat. They were then treated with a couple of washes of India ink. Details were enhanced with Flat Black and Gunmetal.

The Batboat was painted overall with a 50/50 mix of Humbrol Black Metallic and Coal Black. For the final touch, the Batboat received a very light drybrushing of Flat Aluminum.

Photos by Steve M.