Millennium Falcon YT-1300 Corellian Transport
Model by Adolphe D.
Box Stock (accurized)

MPC kit  8917 (Millennium Falcon), sheet styrene, various kit parts, electronics
Model Specifications:
Scale = 1/58
Length = ~47cm
Width = ~34cm
Height = ~13cm

It took way too long to build, 6 months of work spread over 5 years! The kit was finished in 1998 and won silver in sci-fi category at the 1998 Maritime Modelers' Meet. Virtually every part was super-detailed and/or built from scratch. Here is a quick rundown of the changes:

- Landing Gears: Rebuilt; all struts are of brass and aluminum
- Cockpit : Complete scratchbuild, console, back and side walls, 4 chairs, fiber optic lighting
 - Upper gunners bay : Scratchbuilt walls and chair
- Upper and lower guns : Scratchbuilt, 20-30 parts each!
Loading ramp: Re-detailed with scratchbuilt upper interior corridor

Exterior: Top, bottom and all sides were modified and super-detailed, as simple as adding extra window struts to the cockpit to cutting out all the rear engine vectored thrust panels so they stand out more.
Then there's all the lights!

Cockpit: Fiber optics on the center console and rear panels. Colors are white, red and green. Some steady; some blinking. Also an amber light for general lighting.
Landing ramp: White light in upper corridor 
10 landing lights (white) on the underside of the ship. Red lights hidden in the landing gear bays for extra effect and two bright Mag-Lite bulbs in the front. (headlights)
Upper gunners bay: Fiber optics on side panels and white light hidden behind chair.
All light can be adjusted for brightness and blink rate (those that blink). Controls can be accessed by picking up the upper gunners bay and the power supply (scrapped cash register) is inside the base. The ship uses 12 and 5 volts at about one watt of power.
Photos by Stephen L.