Adolphe Daigle



Hi there, my friends call me Alf. I'm an electronics technician and have worked in the cash register/ hospitality/ security (cameras) industry since 1987. I have so many hobbies that some get neglected for periods of time then get picked up again as my interests change. My hobbies include: drawing, reading sci-fi and science books, electronics, working with wood, metal, and plastics, PC games, Lego, scale trains, movies, collecting stamps, coins, comics books, cards, sci-fi toys, dragons, model kits (over 50), LED flashlights and fossils and probably a few more I can't think of.

I built my first sci-fi models back in 1976 when I bought a USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and a 'Space 1999' Eagle. Thru the 70's and 80's most of my kits were of cars, aviation and ships. Although I was always a sci-fi fan (books, TV & movies), I didn't get serious about sci-fi modeling until around 1993 when I met Rob LePine back when he was running a shop in Halifax. Through chit-chat he found out I had an original 'Space 1999' Eagle and so I traded it for the Star Wars Millennium Falcon that you see in my gallery.

My current projects are a re-built 'Space 1999' Moonbase Alpha, using only the kits buildings and the whole thing is to be illuminated with fiber optics. Also building a 3'x5' N- scale layout for my trains. There are two loops and one figure eight (about 40' of track!). I plan on scratchbuilding as much as possible. The terrain, trees and foliage, streets and buildings, and of course the lights! This project is real fun because it combines many skills and hobbies that I enjoy.


Star Wars



U.S.S. Sulaco    


Space 1999

Moon Base Alpha